Clients are eligible to receive food once every 30 days with a referral from any affiliated church, Rock Solid Ministries and Wayne Township Trustee. If a client returns before 30 days, the client can be given a list of other area organizations that provide free food or meals.

The client must provide a picture identification, as well as Social security cards for each person living in the household who is receiving food. Also, current proof of address is needed for everyone over the age of 18 years who is living in the household.

Clients receive food for those proven to live in their household with only one referral. That would include a boyfriend, girtlfriend step-child, etc. The maximum number of people who receive food at any one time is 9. Any Children comming to a household for baby-sitting purposes are not considered part of the Family.

Clients that are unable to get their own food may aquire in advance a proxy from the Pantryto be signed and returned stating why they cannot come and who will be getting food for them.

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